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Phoenix Guide to Useful Ideas and Products

Become a Community Publisher for

Follow your Passion and Money will follow You!

Being a Publisher is a dream that many people have. Investigate issues. Write about what is important to you. Keep your community informed.

At we passionately write about useful ideas and products for Going Green. There is a strong global movement underway to make a difference in the way we live our lives. The result will be a healthier environment for our families, friends and neighbors.

At we know the most effective way to spread the word about Going Green is to involve people at the local community level.

You can become one of our Community Publishers. You will have a chance to be the "Voice" of the Community. You will have a special section on our web site dedicated to your community. Each Community Publisher will be the exclusive voice in their city.

This is an opportunity to realize your dreams and to make a difference.

Key Features

  • Benefit from being part of our established web site with original content for your community.
  • Investment is minimal -- from $750 depending on the size of your city.
  • Use of the logo modified for your city.
  • 500 business cards.
  • Work from home -- a truly "Green" concept.
  • You only need a phone, computer, camera, Internet access and occasionally a car.
  • A legitimate "License" opportunity -- not a franchise, no royalties, not MLM.
  • Exclusive territory protected by a "License" with the ability to sell your territory.
  • Be part of a premium, professionally designed site -- not a template.
  • Online training and support in Wordpress, uploading photos, videos and articles.
  • Support with editorials and ad creation, if required.

    Your Community Pages on

    You are now on a sample page created for Phoenix, Arizona.

    The header, the left-hand column and the right-hand column are standard on all pages. This large area in the center will be yours to fill with editorial, photos and video. The only restrictions are that the content is "green", non-offensive and legal in nature.

    As the Community Publisher in your city you will have pages like this on our site,, that you will fill with interesting articles about how your city and its people are being environmentally responsible.

    You might interview businesses about their efforts to recycle and improve the quality of the environment in your city.

    Or, create a blog for your local citizens to comment on local issues. You can pose questions for comment or conduct surveys.

    And, maybe run a photo contest about people cleaning up the environment.

    You might interview local school officials and provide information about how the schools are teaching students about the environment. Feature a teacher or some students.

    Also, you might report on civic programs that affect water quality, water use, and air pollution.

    Offer a Community Green Calendar offering information on upcoming events.

    Consider writing about local Earth Day preparations and celebrations.

    Report on your local politicians and their position on issues affecting the environment.

    The content of your pages will be limited only by your imagination!

    Revenue and Profits

    This is not a "get rich quick scheme" but rather a serious business opportunity that can become a long-term source of revenue for you.

    As with any publishing business your revenue will come from advertising. The very people you write about will be interested in buying ads on your pages. Web advertising is quickly replacing traditional newspaper and magazine ads.

    Prospective ad buyers include:

  • new car dealers selling hybrid vehicles,
  • supermarkets with expanding organic food sections
  • merchants in farmer's markets
  • cosmetics stores emphasizing "natural" products
  • every restaurant offering "healthy" choices
  • cities wanting to get a message out to citizens
  • solar companies
  • garage sales
  • and many more types of businesses

    You will not have any inventory to worry about, unless you decide to sell certain products yourself.

    Your promotional and marketing skills and your effort will determine your income.

    As a Community Publisher you will have access to written guidelines from on ad creation techniques, ad sizes and suggested ad rates.

    The price of your ads will depend on the size of your city. You should make an exceptional living, for your city's size, depending upon your passion for "Going Green."

    About our Community Publishers

    Must be serious and professional about developing a business in their community
    Must have good English language skills as a writer
    Must have an interest in writing about people and businesses
    Must be prepared to build a business slowly while gaining knowledge in the "Green" field

    The Next Step

    This opportunity is not for everyone. First, we must check that your city is still available and evaluate your potential. Please email the following:

  • Name of your city
  • Statement as to why you want to do this
  • Why you believe you would be a positive addition to the team
  • Your name, telephone number and email address to be used if we require further information.

    If we decide to offer you an opportunity to become a Community Publisher we will reply with:

  • Cost of license for your city. The smallest city license fee starts at $750.
  • License agreement for you to review.
  • An outline of steps that you will take to start filling your Community pages.
  • General information about starting a business.

    Are you ready to start the application process? Click here to email

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