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   Wed, Jun 26, 2019 | 09:00 MST

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New Uses for Solar Energy at Home

Resources and ideas for going green are growing at the speed of light. While some inventors are coming up with massive scale ideas such as solar array farms, others are developing ideas that will make living at home more enjoyable.

Solar Panel Door
Solar Panel Door

Nihon Telecommunications System from Japan has introduced a solar window product. The company claims their windows will generate 70 watts per square meter that will deliver electricity through USB ports. Imagine charging your iPod, phone or computer using the glass in a door.

As well, these windows will filter about 90% of the sunlight so you will see a reduction in cooling costs in the summer. The cost is high at this time, about $1,800 per square meter, but all great products see a drop in cost with mass production. The commercial applications may be really significant. Imagine all the glass in an airport collecting and generating electricity for distribution to iPod-toting passengers as well as helping to run the airport's systems.

A solar powered toothbrush is another product of a Japanese company - Shiken. Their current model - the Soladey-J3X - has a small solar panel at the base that sends electrons to the brush surface through a small wire. The electrons react with acid in the mouth and breaks down plaque. There is no toothpaste required.

Solar powered tents have been supplied to the US military by Konarka, a third generation solar company. Konarka is focusing on nano-enabled polymer photovoltaic materials that are more versatile than traditional solar materials. The company has 120 US and 181 foreign patents and applications for patents. Its talented team has developed Power Plastics®, a light weight and flexible product that has potential for windows, window coverings, home siding and roofing material. It can be formed to apply to devices such as laptops, iPods, and phones. It can even be worn if the application warrants it.

Email us and tell us about unique solar-powered products and ideas you have seen:

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