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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:02 MST

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Green Charities

Green Charities to Consider

By Amanda Quraishi, Writer

If you are looking for some great green organizations to support with your time or money, here is a list of some of the best! For more information, visit their individual websites or call your local chapter to learn more about these great resources that you can use when "going green." As always, you should take some time to study these organizations to see if they meet your personal charitable goals.

1. The Nature Conservancy
One of the largest environmental organizations with over one million members and a reach that extends to thirty countries around the globe. The Nature Conservancy has over 700 staff scientists that combat the destruction of natural resources using a scientific approach and political activism.

2. The Red Feather Group WWF
A non-profit group assisting American Indian nations as they rebuild their communities using environmentally friendly methods, renewable resources, and green concepts.

Sierra Club

3. Stop Global Warming Fund
A campaign that combines traditional activism with proactive solutions that every family can use to reduce their own carbon emissions. This organization encourages political activism as well as community action.

4. Greenpeace
Since 1971, Greenpeace has been a leader in combating environmentally destructive forces and the conservation of wildlife and natural resources. The organization has over 2.5 million members worldwide, and has one of the broadest platforms of any eco-organization.

5. Green Seal
Green Seal is an organization that works to establish high standards of sustainability for products that you buy for your home or personal consumption. Through their efforts, consumers can buy with confidence, knowing that their money is going to support green, ethical companies.

6. Coral Reef Alliance
The Coral Reef Alliance addresses the need to preserve and rebuild one of the planet's most beautiful and valuable natural resources. Coral reefs are delicate and complex eco-systems that have been destroyed by development and negligence. Without them, hundreds of thousands of species of oceanic life are in jeopardy.

7. World Land Trust
The World Land Trust helps protect natural lands such as rainforests, coastal steppes and wastelands which are being destroyed by developers or by companies that want to exploit them for manufacturing purposes.

8. Defenders of Wildlife
Winner of the award for Best Wildlife Charity, anyone who loves animals can support this organization with confidence that they are making a real difference in the lives of those creatures who share the planet with us.

9. Environmental Defense
An excellent green charity that works to implement practical solutions to environmental issues--everything from the health of the world's oceans to the global food crisis.

10. World Wildlife Fund
WWF works to build a sustainable world, creating a balance between wildlife and humans. With efforts toward conservation and socio-economic partnerships that benefit the entire globe, WWF is one of the best known and most widely recognized eco-charities.

Do you have a favorite green charity that is not on this list? Leave a comment and let us know who you support!

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