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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:01 MST

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Creating a Green Office

Creating a Green Office - Top 15 Tips

by John Livingstone, Founder,

Every business has an office area and it is the easiest place to create an environmentally friendly workspace. And, the savings often exceed any expense.

Our Tips:

1. Avoid products that use aerosol spray. Use green products that come in liquid form and use pump sprays as needed.

2. Avoid air fresheners that may have dangerous chemicals. Open a window.

3. Avoid bleach. Check out products from companies such as Seventh Generation, available at stores like Target.

4. Avoid using air conditioning - a costly energy waster. Offices are often overheated by light bulbs, office equipment and unshaded windows. Make sure your office has energy efficient lighting, unused office machines are turned off and tinted glass or shades are used where appropriate. Try for natural cooling by opening windows on shaded sides of your building.

5. Use organic coffee and milk. Organic farming generates far less carbon dioxide and the lack of pesticides and growth hormones is healthier.

6. CD's and DVD's should be re-writable. Recycle when done.

7. Does someone in your office have a green thumb? See if they are interested in taking home something for their compost - coffee grounds, tea bags, leftover food. A separate container is all it takes. One day they may bring in some organic veggies.

8. Turn off your computers and other office equipment at night. It is estimated that a computer will use 1 Kwh of electrictiy each night. This would be 900 metric tons of CO2 emissions that would not go into the environment for every 5,000 people who took this step and money will be saved!

9. Make sure all equipment is using an energy saving mode.

10. LCD or flat screens save at least 30% energy

11. See for information on recycling your computer equipment.

12. Recycle your old cell phones. Keep electronic waste out of landfills.

13. Go to and register to avoid junk mail.

14. Re-use packing materials like styrofoam "peanuts."

15. Use electronic forms as much as possible.

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