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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:02 MST

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Water Use

Wise Water Use in the Garden

Many areas of the country are on the verge of experiencing a water shortage. Water conservation is something we can all do in our gardens and outdoor entertainment areas. Here are some ideas. Print this list and take it outside to see if you can make a difference, no matter how small. Or, post it in your workshed for future reference.

• Eliminate one irrigation cycle per week.

• Use trickle or drip irrigation to reduce waste from water splashing on concrete and buildings.

• Adjust garden sprinklers to reduce overspray.

• Don't hand water if the wind is blowing to avoid unnecessary evaporation.

• Water near the base of plants. Use a watering can instead of a hose when possible.

• Water in the morning and evening to avoid evaporation. Don't overwater.

• Watering near the base is easier if you cut-off the bottom of a plastic water bottle and place it in the ground near plants. Simply fill the bottom so water drains out the top and down near the roots.

• Use a nozzle on your hose for easy shut-off.

• Plant drought-resistant plants.

• Plant wildflowers as they don't need watering.

• Apply principles of xeriscape planting in desert areas.

• Turn-off sprinklers during prolonged rainstorms.

• If you have plenty of space use several rain barrels to collect stormwater from rooftops. Cover to avoid evaporation. Try collecting the rain from your work shed using a gutter and barrel. Raise the barrel if possible and gravity will feed a hose placed in the barrel.

• Check or your newspaper in the event of rain.

• Repair leaks around pool or spa pumps

• Never wash your driveways or sidewalks. Use a hose - great exercise too!

All of these ideas save fresh water. Using gray water (water from sinks, bathtubs) may also be an option.

• Gray water should only be used for flower gardens, never vegetables that you will eat.

• Use far from the house as detergents, etc may put off smells.

For more ideas visit The Water Conservation Guide and some great resources on going green can be found at

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