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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:01 MST

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Going Green With Replacement Windows

By Travis Guilbeau

As the cost of energy continues to rise, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their power bill and be conscious of the environment at the same time. While turning off the lights, using Energy Star appliances, and wearing an extra sweater instead of turning up the heat are all great ways to save energy, installing windows that are energy efficient is another great way to reduce your power bill and help out the environment.

But which windows are energy efficient, cost effective, and come in enough different styles that will fit the décor of your home? Here’s a quick overview of some windows that will help cut down on the cost of heating and cooling your home, will look great installed in your home, and won’t cost a bundle to have installed.

  • Maxuus 10 Glass System

    When it comes to top of the line windows, the Maxuus 10 Glass System really does take the cake. This triple pane assembly filled with krypton gas does an amazing job of looking great in your home while keeping your home running at energy efficient levels. The combination of the triple pane construction and krypton gas has resulted in a window that is nearly 10 times more energy efficient than a traditional single pane window.

    The key to this replacement window is the low emittance glass that keeps your house warm in the winter by trapping radiant heat, and keeps you cool in the spring and summer by blocking that same radiant heat from entering your home. When combined with an Advanced Easy-Clean system that cuts cleaning time in half, there’s a reason that the Maxuus 10 Glass System is a leading replacement window for those looking for a green solution to their energy bill.

  • PlyGem Lifestyles Windows

    Designed with heavy duty weather stripping to prevent air infiltration and high density insulation filled frames to prevent thermal transfer, the PlyGem Lifestyles replacement window is a great option when it’s time to replace your windows and lower your energy bill all at the same time. Built to reduce condensation, enhance sound control, and provide ultraviolet protection, the PlyGem vinyl replacement windows also come with a lifetime warranty against seal failure and glass breakage that can be transferred to future owners of your home - a great way to decrease your energy bill and increase your home’s value.

  • With windows that will work with all the rooms in your house, including a four season sunroom, the PlyGem Lifestyles Windows are a great choice to lower your energy bill while upgrading the look and feel of your home. What’s not to like about replacement windows that come in a variety of colors, decorative grids, and sizes?

  • Cut the Cost, Not the Look

    When it really comes down to it, getting replacement windows for your home is all about finding the delicate balance between the cost of the windows, the look of the windows, and the amount of money the new windows will save you on your energy bill. There are plenty of windows out there that can save you money on your energy bill, but they either aren’t the best looking windows, or they cost so much to buy and have installed that you don’t end up saving any money even in the long run.

  • The Maxuus 10 Glass System and the PlyGem Lifestyle Windows offer that delicate balance of energy efficiency, affordability, and a great appearance that will enhance the look and feel of your home. The only thing to do is find a local company that carries them and have them installed so that you can start reaping the benefits of a lower energy bill.

    About the Author

    Travis Guilbeau works for Creative Energy of Richmond, VA.

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