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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:01 MST

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Only Natural Pet Store

Our “Green” Pets — an Eco-Friendly Approach

by Alison, Going Green

These days, people want an environmentally friendly lifestyle for their pets as well as for themselves. After all, pets are like family. Going green with your pet care routine is not hard to do once you know where to look for resources.

If you take the time to shop around, you'll find that there are plenty of environmentally friendly products out there for your cat or dog.
Here are some suggestions:

• Eco-friendly Grooming Products: Look for organic pet shampoos and other grooming products that are made with organic ingredients-they are grown in a sustainable way without the use of toxic pesticides.

• Look out for grooming products containing petrochemicals like propylene glycol. Organic pet grooming products derived from plant-based sources are a more sustainable alternative because they are not made from fossil fuels.

• Clay litter is produced by strip mining. Use organic cat litter made from wheat, cedar, pine, or even recycled newspaper instead.

• To combat fleas without toxic chemicals, vacuum your house regularly, bathe your dog or cat regularly, and treat your yard with beneficial nematodes, small worms that prey on flea larvae.

• Remember last year, when contaminated pet food killed or sickened so many dogs and cats? Going green is an important way to protect your pet's heath. Fortunately, there are many resources available for those who want to feed organic, eco-friendly pet food made from human-quality ingredients to their pets. Also, regular pet food is made from the scraps and by-products of factory farming, a major cause of pollution. By purchasing organic food, you are supporting agriculture that is easier on the earth.

• Instead of giving your dog plastic to chew on, buy toys made from sturdy renewable fabrics such as organic cotton or hemp. Also, look for pet products made from recycled materials.

If you can't find natural or organic pet products in your local store, there are many resources available on line for pet owners who are interested in going green.

A few more natural ideas so your dog and cat can live a green life:

• Eco-friendly dog beds

• Organic pet food supplements

• Freeze-dried and dehydrated dog and cat treats

• Recycled rubber dog collars and leashes

• Natural flea control


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