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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:00 MST

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Celebrities Go Green

Top Ten Green Celebrities

by Amanda Quraishi, Writer,

Going Green Resources .com

Celebrities get a lot of criticism for living in an ivory tower and being out of touch with reality, but a few celebrities have actually taken the lead in promoting the responsible use and conservation of natural resources, promoting green charities, and going out on a limb to voice their opinions about causes that are important to them.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio has begun collaboration with Four Seasons Hotels to build a green hotel; is producing and narrating a documentary called The 11th Hour; and started a non-profit organization to address environmental issues. He has also decided to forego the standard movie star luxury car in favor of a Toyota Prius.
  • Ed Begley Jr. was eco when eco wasn't cool. He has lived a sustainable lifestyle for years and can now be seen on his HGTV reality television show that documents his unique green lifestyle. Ed also has his own line of environmentally friendly cleaning products called Begley's Best.
  • Robert Redford has served for thirty years on the board of Natural Resources Defense Council. His own television network has three hours of dedicated eco-programming each week, and he has campaigned for wildlife conservation, solar energy and climate change solutions.
  • Cameron Diaz has an eco-themed reality show on MTV, reaching out to younger audiences as she creates awareness by traveling the world to document diminishing global resources and the need for action. She also drives a hybrid car and is a certified trainer for Al Gore's climate presentation.
  • Edward Norton is an activist for solar power and supports a program to install solar panels in low-income L.A. residences. He also took part in a National Geographic presentation on the alarming condition of the environment.
  • Woody Harrelson has been a green activist for years. He speaks out against deforestation, animal testing, and petroleum dependence.
  • Darryl Hannah has been a vegetarian since age 11 and is an advocate for animal rights. She is also an activist for alternative fuels and other important issues linked to conservation. Hannah has a weekly video blog online called dh love life to discuss her green views.
  • Cate Blanchett's entire home is solar powered. She and her playwright husband are in the process of building a theater in Australia that is run completely by renewable resources.
  • Brad Pitt is one of the foremost promoters of green building practices. He has rolled up his sleeves and contributed both time and money to the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Pitt puts his money where his mouth is, donating five million dollars of his own money to the rebuilding projects he advocates for.
  • George Clooney campaigns for reduction in petroleum dependence and conservation of natural resources. He is the founder of Oil Change, an organization that encourages Americans to reduce their oil consumption. He also received recognition for his movie, Syriana, which addressed the same issues.

    It is inspiring to see talented people like these actors and actresses supporting causes that can benefit everyone. It also makes you wonder why some of the others don't.

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