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   Mon, Jul 15, 2019 | 21:48 MST

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Green Living at Home

There is a serious movement underway that smart people are embracing. It affects the way we live at home...the types of homes we will live in, our choice of transportation, the food we eat. Many positive changes are available that will enhance our lives. First you have to recognize some of the bad things you have been doing in your homes. Then we offer you solutions. Please join us on this exciting journey to better living!

Ideas You Can Use

We invite your comments below.

Start with a survey of your home. Our site offers many resources for going green. There are some easy and affordable steps to take and others are more expensive and difficult. If you are a new "green citizen" start with the easy ideas. Greening your home can seem overwhelming, so start with small steps. A few simple ideas are offered below.

More detailed information, on key areas, for advanced readers, can be found at the tabs to the left. As you start your "going green survey" think about three areas:

Energy Conservation:

Look for some simple ways to cut back on electricity use.

Replace a few incandescent lightbulbs with new CFL bulbs. Many people don't like them at first so put them in closets, bedroom lamps, can lights in hallways, the basement and garage. You will soon find that you want to replace every bulb.

Cut back on heat and don't turn the air conditioning on too soon. Use fresh air for ventilation by opening windows on the shady side of the house in summer.

Replace out of date appliances with Energy Star certified appliances.

Water Conservation:

Start simple. Don't run the dishwasher unless full. Or, pile washed dishes and then rinse all at once.

Take shorter showers.

Fill the sink with hot water when shaving and then shut it off.

Protect Your Family's Health

Replace your existing cleaning supplies with non-toxic products. Avoid parabens, fragrances and aerosol products.

If you are planning to repaint, look for non- or low-VOC paints.

If it's time for new bedding, choose products that are from organic materials.

There are many more advanced resources for going green in this site. Please comment below on other topics you would like to see.

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